The Project

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The East-West Tie Project

With an estimated capital cost of $500 million+, the East-West Tie Transmission Project represents a substantial opportunity for economic development in Northern Ontario, unprecedented in recent history.

The project involves the installation of a new double-circuit 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line generally paralleling the existing double-circuit 230 kV transmission corridor (the existing East-West Tie) connecting the Wawa Transformer Station (TS) to the Lakehead TS in Shuniah near Thunder Bay, with a connection approximately mid-way at the Marathon TS.

The route is 450 kilometres long and consists of a long series of structures that carry bulk electricity over large distances from one transformer station to another at high voltage levels. The line will have insulators, conductors, overhead shield wires, optic fibre ground wire and grounding.

The East West Tie has been developed to ensure a long-term and reliable supply of electricity in Northwestern Ontario and was identified as a priority project by the Government of Ontario in its 2010 Long Term Energy Plan.


The Project Team

NextBridge Infrastructure is working with Valard Construction and Supercom Industries to develop the new East-West Tie Line Project.

Valard Construction will provide comprehensive project management and construction services for the double circuit 230 kilovolt transmission line connecting Hydro One’s Wawa Transformer Station, Marathon Transformer Station and Lakehead Transformer Station.

Supercom Industries, a 100% Aboriginal-owned joint venture by the six First Nations proximate to the East-West Tie transmission line, will work closely with Valard to hire qualified candidates from First Nations communities.