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Supercom Office Closure Update

Supercom will continue to extend the current office closures during the month of July 2021. We are all very encouraged by the success of the vaccination program, and the steady decline of COVID-19 cases in our project area. We will continue to monitor closely the evolution of events, and we...
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Continuation of Supercom Office Closure

Supercom will continue to extend the current office closure. Today the province of Ontario had issued a stay-at-home order and declared 3rd state of emergency amid COVID-19 pandemic. We all hope that the accelerated vaccination program will conduce to a significant reduction in COVID cases, and while we remain vigilant,...
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Supercom Head Office Closure

In the midst of raising number of cases in the Thunder Bay area and in an attempt to support the efforts of Fort William First Nation, effective December 1, 2020 we will be closing Supercom’s head office. As of now the tentative head office re-opening date is January 4, 2021....
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Effective Immediately – Covid 19

Over the past two weeks Supercom has issued a number of communications concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic with information on the most common ways the virus is Spread, best ways for Prevention, current company activities and actions, travel restrictions, office closures, and some tips for Working at Home Safely. The number...
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Safety Bulletin – Covid 19

Updates on current Supercom activities 1. Supercom issued a Safety Bulletin on March 12, 2020 to all employees providing information on the common ways COVID-19 is spread and the best ways to prevent the spread of infections. The Bulletin identified credible resources for employees to monitor for accurate and current...
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Community Information Displays

Supercom has been working to develop a communications system that will provide up to date information in regards to the project in a way to ensure the people of our ownership communities are aware of what is happening in their territories. Working with our partners at Nextbridge, Valard, and Brickhost...
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