Chainsaw Hand Clearing Course



The first section of the course is three modules(three days)

1) Chainsaw Maintenance & Sharpening;

2) Safe Chainsaw Handling;

3) Felling & Limbing;

The second section of the course is one module(three days)

4) Practical Skills Field Exercise.

The third section of the course is First Aid(one day)

5) Emergency First Aid – Red Cross

Previous Chainsaw experience preferred but not required.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Travel, Training Allowance and Accommodations will be provided.

Classroom course consists of three modules:

Chainsaw Sharpening and Maintenance

Safe Chainsaw Handling

Felling and Limbing.

 This is a safety awareness course leading towards certification once employed, certification is completed by the employer

 The course content will provide the participant with the basic knowledge and skills for safe chainsaw operation in a professional logging environment.

Participants will also learn how to identify and deal appropriately with a variety of hazardous sawing conditions they will encounter in their work.

There is guaranteed work in the region for the next two seasons

 (Fall and Winter 2020).  The work locations will be between Thunder Bay and Wawa.

Please send intent of interest and resumes to:

**When applying, please state what Supercom Community you are from**

Chainsaw Course – Oct. 2020 update

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