Sodexo Office Assistant

Sodexo Office Assistant 

Required Immediately
For East West Tie Project

Job title : Admin Clerk

Reporting to : AGM / GM

Subordinates : None

Job Objective: Clean and maintain office area; provide administrative support, photocopy, filing, emails, Billing, Payroll, Audits, Reports, Ordering and maintaining general supplies, etc. as directed by AGM & GM, complete data entry.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Standards
1.1. Ensure that all work is carried out as per the contract and client specifications and instructions from supervisor
1.2. Liaise with supervisor to receive instructions and feed back on operational requirements, achievements and improvements.
1.3. Ensure cleaning of offices and designated areas as per schedule given by the supervisor.
1.4. Ensure adequate supplies are available, place requisition with supervisor for approval.
1.5. Ensure smooth and timely office cleaning is completed without causing any interruptions or inconvenience.
1.6. Observe and comply with operating instructions and guidelines while using various equipment in the office.
1.7. Perform any other task assigned by the supervisor.
2. People
2.1. Develop and maintain good working relationship with customers/office personnel through pleasant manners and positive attitude.
2.2. Maintain a professional and pleasant working relationship with all his superiors and peers at all times.
3.1. Ensure all work is carried out in compliance with the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system.
3.2. Ensure that all accidents, fire, loss, theft and damages are reported to superiors immediately and proper procedures are followed. In addition, where appropriate, take remedial action.
3.3. Adhere to the QHSE rules and regulations of client.
3.4. Use correct PPE and maintain them in good condition.
3.5. Ensure proper usage and maintenance of all equipment at work and report any malfunctioning of equipments to superiors immediately.
3.6. Conduct regular inspections of all areas ensuring maintenance of excellent hygiene standards.
3.7. Maintain the highest possible standards of personal hygiene.
4. Management
4.1. Monitor costs and quality to ensure that they meet the targets and objectives set by the supervisor.

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Sodexo Office Assistant

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