Traditional Ceremony to start clearing and access portion of the East West Tie

On Monday September 23rd, 2019, representatives of Fort William First Nation, Supercom Industries LP, Nextbridge, Valard Construction, E.Corbiere & Sons, and various other partners gathered on the Traditional Territory of the Fort William First Nation for a traditional ceremony on the Ontario East/West Tie Transmission Project. 

The ceremony was conducted by local elders and was done to bless the land and water that will be affected by the project.  The elders spoke of how the project was welcomed and needed as a means to assist band members with achieving greater things in life.  They spoke about the concept of Biimadziwin (leading a good life), and this project will go a long ways in achieving this.

The ceremony coincided with the start of the Clearing and Access portion of the project now that there has been a limited permitting release for approximately 10km.  Work will commence soon and the ceremony was done before any piece of equipment arrived in the territory of Fort William First Nation and prior to any disruptive work would begin.

Ceremonies are currently being planned and will be conducted in all the five communities (Red Rock Indian Band, Pays Plat First Nation, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg, and Michipicoten First Nation) as the Clearing and Access work approaches the individual Community’s Traditional Territory.


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