This is an amended opportunity originally posted on May 24th.

NextBridge Infrastructure LP (“Purchaser”) is proposing to construct, own, and maintain the East-West Tie Transmission Project (the Project or undertaking, also referred to as the “New East-West Tie Line”).The proposed new East-West Tie Transmission Project (EWT) will consist of the installation of a double-circuit 450 km 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line generally paralleling the existing double-circuit 230 kV transmission corridor (the existing East-West Tie) connecting the Wawa Transformer Station (TS) to the Lakehead TS near Thunder Bay, with a connection approximately mid-way at the Marathon TS. The proposed project generally parallels the existing East-West Tie transmission corridor but avoids some sensitive features crossed by the existing line, including Pukaskwa National Park. The proposed right-of-way (cleared area) for the project is expected to be up to 64 m (210 ft) wide.

Project construction is expected to take approximately 26 months. Temporary and permanent access roads will be required for construction, operation and maintenance. Temporary storage yards, construction offices, laydown yards and construction camps will also be required.

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